Tuesday, 17 April 2018




We wanted to drop you a line to shout about one of our favourite trends for 2018. 
The spring catwalks showcased the feather in a big way. Plume-smothered dresses and feather-embellished shoes stole the spotlight as the fashion elite fell in love all over again with this most feminine of decorative twists. With the high street now embracing the trend in a big way, it seems like the feather is set to be a key look for spring and summer.  

                                                 A Decadent Past

Feathers have always been at the centre of fashion’s most decadent trends. From the gloriously extravagant feather-trimmed hats of Edwardian ladies to the feather shaking flappers of the roaring twenties and the discreetly placed feather fans of history’s most notorious burlesque stars, feathers equal danger, femininity and a whole lot of fun. Why wouldn’t you want to step out in feathers this spring? 


                                                Deeasjer and Feathers

We have to let you into a little secret. We have never stopped loving the feather and our boudoir collection features the most sumptuous, feather-embellished shoes around. You see, we don’t do fads and we don’t do fleeting trends. We have been creating utterly gorgeous hand-made shoes with love for over 30 years. These are the feather-covered boudoir slippers of your dreams. 

When you slip your foot into a carefully-crafted Deeasjer slipper you step into a different world. A world of sensuality and passion. A world of opulence and pleasure. These are shoes to wear after dark, to express your deepest desires and most intimate thoughts. The perfect embellishment for your evening wardrobe and your lingerie collection.

It takes between 3 and 6 weeks to craft a single pair of divine Deeasjer shoes. They are built to precisely embrace your foot and inlaid with satin-covered memory foam to ensure your feet always feel as amazing as they look. We spend 3 hours carefully tailoring this part of the slipper to ensure ultimate comfort. Feathers are a final flourish, adding an extra touch of femininity, of excess, of excitement. The shoes are now ready to become your crowning glory.

                                                Ethically Sourced

As an ethical fashion brand, we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. At Deeasjer, we never use feathers from protected or endangered birds and comply with the Washington convention. We source 75% of the luxury materials we use from UK providers and all our shoes are handcrafted here in the UK. The Deeasjer team are a family. They are what makes our luxury slippers so special.
What are you waiting for? Come shake your tail feather with Deeasjer.

From Deeasjer with Love. xx

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy Easter


It is the influence of the traditional spring rights that made Easter so egg-special. Myths coming down to us from an incredibly distant past have shown man's relationship with the egg to be very deep seated one.
There are reports of myths of the whole universe created out of an egg. Thus, it is not unusual that in almost all ancient cultures eggs had been held as an emblem of life. The concept of all living beings born from an egg is also a foundational concept of modern biology.


Despite claims being made that Easter Eggs were originally pagan symbols, there is no solid evidence for this. It was not until the 18th Century that Jakob Grimm theorized a putative pagan connection to Easter Eggs with a goddess of his own whom he named Ostara, a suggested German version of Eostre.

      The Goddess Ostara and the Origin of the Easter Bunny
Ostara, the Goddess of Dawn (Saxon), who was responsible for bringing spring each year, was feeling guilty about arriving so late. To make matters worse, she arrived to find a pitiful little bird who lay dying, his wings frozen by the snow. Lovingly, Ostara cradled the shivering creature and saved his life.
Legend has it that she then made him her pet or, in the X-rated versions, her lover. Filled with compassion for him since he could no longer fly because of his frost-damaged wings, the goddess Ostara turned him into a rabbit, a snow hare, and gave him the name Lepus.
She also gave him the gift of being able to run with astonishing speed so he could easily evade all the hunters.  To honor his earlier form as a bird, she also gave him the ability to on one day out of each year. Lay eggs (in all the colours of the rainbow, no less), but he was only allowed to lay eggs.

Eventually Ostara lost her temper with Lepus (some say the raunchy rabbit was involved with another woman), and she flung him into the skies where he would remain for eternity as the constellation Lepus (The Hare), forever positioned under the feet of the constellation Orion (the Hunter).
But later, remembering all the good times they had once enjoyed, Ostara softened a bit and allowed the hare to return to earth once each year, but only to give away his eggs to the children attending the Ostara festivals that were held each spring.
Easter eggs, the Easter Bunny, the dawn that arrives with the resurrection of life, and the celebration of spring all remind us of the cycle of rebirth and the need for renewal in our lives.

The goddesses of springtime, Persephone, Ishtar, and Ostara, bring us the message of awakening and personal growth. Their gift is the motivation and the energy we need to pursue our dreams. As the tender green buds begin to leaf out around us, our own lives are refilled with vital energy. Spring is the time to make room in our hearts for a passion for all things new.